Jean-Luc B

We have just completed a tour in India and Nepal with Aryavrit Travels. Back in France, we wanted to express their gratitude for this wonderful trip. Regulars tours in groups (often too many), we did not find in our usual tour operators fairly complete circuits and supplements requested for travel schedules were out of our budget. With a friend, we formed a group of three and we have considered as the basic best lap we found, that is to say an 18-day tour: Rajasthan Varanasi + + Kathmandu. This circuit is really developed and we have hardly changed (if it is to avoid arriving in Agra on a day when the Taj Mahal is closed to the public). We have been able to bear against its duration to 22 days by adding an enchanting stay in Nepal with 3 safaris in the reserve of Chitwan and Pokhara visiting the foot of the Annapurna mountains. The first part of 2400 km around Rajasthan took place under the leadership of our Ranjeet driver for us was more than a driver. In addition to the fabulous famous sites he motivated us in many unusual places and he was always available. For the night train part + 2 flights, we were escorted to our climb on the train or up checks at airports and at every arrival a sign with our name telling us who looked after us. (As for the train, we would never have found alone). So we did not waste any time and we certainly could visit every day 50% more things that can make a substantial group. Although remaining in a range of very competitive prices, we have had several memorable hotels, such as the former palace of the Maharajah in Udaipur or the new Deo Garh Palace to name but two. The visit to Varanasi is an unforgettable moment of emotion. As advised by the agency, we have the evening attended a puja and that is essential. The first Tuk tuk driver met knew lead us in the right place. The agency in Nepal is also well organized. Visits to Chitwan and Pokhara were accompanied by English-speaking guides of the highest quality. The guide Kathmandu spoke perfect French. So we are delighted with our trip, and if it again, we would do the same thing by simply adding 2 more days to be less rushed in Varanasi and Nepal. Thank you to Aryavrit Travels.

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